3 Major Trends to Watch in SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the process of enhancing the volume and quality of the user traffic on any website or webpage. It helps to improve the results through organic search results. It consists of only paid traffic from the SERPs. The trend in SEO platform keeps on transforming the industry. Any website needs to rank high so that they can attract a huge amount of traffic to their sites. Some of the advanced SEO trends are mobile search, snippets, and voice search. In the following paragraphs, we will see some of the valuable and important SEO trends for this year.



Site Speed, Page speed, is a crucial SEO trend to watch in the year. Various SEO companies and experts have researched to find to what extent the page speed can affect the website’s ranking and increase the traffic. We know that we lose interest or reduce the eagerness if a website takes time to load. In SEO terms, it is known to reduce the user experience. Living in a digitalized world, everything can be accessed through the internet within a fraction of a second. Researchers mentioned that Time-To-First-Byte, TTFB usually means the original content to appear after clicking on the link provided. While considering e-commerce platform, usually it takes only 3 seconds to load the page, but it was observed to take 7 second or more. So, this year, e-commerce websites are striving to improve the speed of the page to increase revenue.


It is one of the critical trends to discuss while mentioning SEO trends for this year. Google finds the new content on a few web sites, and crawlers follow these links to arrive at new material. This is the exact way how new URLs are discovered and is stored in the index known as the Caffeine. Therefore, the very next time when you search for any similar content, Google will pull up the newly discovered URLs to enhance the user experience.


Videos are enhancing becoming popular in the SEO platform. With easy access to the internet and easy availability of information, more and more people are embracing and turning to the video content. They use this not only for an entertainment purpose but also to keep them educated. To enhance the traffic flow, the website should create the video but also make sure to input the significant keywords. Apart from that, the video must be of good quality, lighting, crisp sound, and sharp image.



SEO, from its inception onwards, has become one of the relevant trends in history. The transforming SEO tools and its parameters are designed to assure that the users get the accurate and appropriate web page results for each of their queries.

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