A Few SEO Tips For Your Website

There are many SEO experts and agencies out there who can help you find the right customers. If you are looking for a boost in your SEO and are finding paying for SEO expert or agency expensive you can do it yourself.  We have a few tips that can help your small business grow.

Start with personas

A customer persona is something that will help you with your SEO strategy. This will allow you to find the right customers, and allow you to accept the challenges and the needs of your customers. This information can enable you to create an ideal customer experience.

SEO expert

Plan your Keyword Research

Keywords are words which will help you have a targetted search, especially when you are looking for the right product to help solve problems in any search engine. There are various tools which will help you get insights into which keyword will work the best for you.

The long tail keywords

There are a lot of industries which has many trafficked keywords and are proven to be effective. Try to make sure that you are ranking the competitive terms high and spending a lot of time on building a strategy with the long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are the key to a healthy online growth strategy which can make up the majority of all the search engine traffic.

Keyword Research

Study your competitors

Now that you have your keywords in place, you need to identify the top competitors for the keyword, which can help you get the right ranking. You can look into cost-effective tools which will help you gain better insights into your competitors paid and organic search initiatives.

Blog consistently

Blogging is a great way to push your website, new content can help you get indexed. If you write a blog, try to keep the content for an ideal buyer and the challenges which will help you face every day. Try to make sure that you have written your blog while keeping keywords in mind. This will help you get connected to your customers. Also, make sure that you are choosing the right title, body, copy, URL and meta description to help optimize your post.

Blog consistently

Eliminate duplicate content

One of the easiest ways to help drop the ranking is by posting a content which is copied. The main goal of Google is to push original content on the top and suppress any duplicate content. There are many non-valuable pages which will allow you to have the content from another site. But, this simple practice of linking to the original source can be used to redirect from original pages to the duplicate pages.


Try to make sure that you are pushing your blog on various platforms to help you find the right audience. You can use Earned content distribution, Owned content distribution, Paid content distribution for the same.

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